jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2011

English Homeworks 2nd Grade November 1-11

2nd . Elementary School
October 31st to November 4th / 2011
Mon Oct 31st 11

Copy yellow square p 35, illustrate it from a magazine.
Tuesday Nov 1st 11

Write list words 1 to 12, 5 times and a drawing
Wed Nov 2nd 11

Thurs Nov 3rd 11

Make a drawing about the story ,”The strongest one” write 5 sentences about it. Study for quiz.

Friday Oct 21st 11

November 7th to 11th / 2011
Monday November 7 2011

Make experiment p312, make a drawing of what happened.
Tues November 8th

Mega flash p 39
Wed November 9

Draw a food web n a grass land and in an ocean ( p320-321 and324-325 journeys book)

Thurs November 10

Write a sentence with drawing with the adjectives: sad, happy, tall, short, old, young, fat, thin, pretty, ugly.

Friday November 11